Fun craft for Día de los Muertos

I find myself gearing up for the upcoming Día de los Muertos. As a Spanish teacher, I like to have the kids in my classes work on some aspect of the Hispanic culture. What better example of a colorful and beautiful celebration than  Día de los Muertos? I´m having them create fun, but easy decorations for the day. We will make an altar, bring things for those we lost and celebrate life and death.

General Mills is sponsoring an event in Los Angeles on 10/29/16 trying to bring awareness not only about the cultural aspect of El Día de los Muertos, but how these traditions bring friends and family together.

For my own craft and those of my kids, one of them will be creating Catrina likeness with a stencil and decorating it with Lucky Charms! While they work on their skulls, their reward will be having some breakfast after and pan de muertos.


I purchased a stencil from Crafty Chica, watercolor paper, and watercolors, although you can use whatever art materials you please. After it dries, you place the Lucky Charms wherever you want. You can glue the colorful sugar goodies after the watercolor dries.

It’s all about color, sweetness and fun while we learn about el Dia de los Muertos.

How do you celebrate?

#cerealconcarino #diadelosmuertos 


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