Think white light

“Think white light” was what my friend Tom used to tell me when I was stressed or down. What he meant was to sit, breathe and simply focus on the white light taking over, covering me and cleansing my thoughts. It worked and still works but I have to remember the white light. It’s there and I just have to make it a habit.

There are all sorts of things you can do to become calm and not allow stress to take over and paralyze you. Sometimes we have toxic thoughts that keep us from moving forward and kill our creative thinking.

If you are stressed and your brain is handling all your problems at once, the solutions you will come up with won’t be too well thought out. You will simply come out with solutions to keep your head above the water for a short while longer. The best way to tackle problems is by quieting all the voices in your mind and then, once you have cleared your head and feel more optimistic, then you can tackle one thing at a time.

I go to the gym, I listen to music, talk to friends… but the winner is always the white light my friend told me about. I know he is somewhere watching and whispering “Think white light, it will all be OK.”

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