My grandmother is my memory keeper

Every time I see my grandmother I go back to when I was five. We chat and she recalls things I barely remember but soon, with all the details she brings up, I get the clear picture and the whole memory rushes back. I can feel the moment as if it were yesterday, but it’s not.

I take good care of every conversation we have now more than ever. She will turn 100 on January 6th and I hope to be there to collect some more memories of us and also her story because she has a good one. Many lessons to keep me humble and grateful.


I live an Ocean away but she is present every day. Cherish your grandparents, they have stories to tell, they are our memories when ours fail if we are so lucky! I am. She has a sharp mind, probably better than mine, I’m suspecting of late.


Did I mention how much I love her? Although I am not there to help her through the days which fills me with tremendous guilt, I will try to make it up to her soon.

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