HUNGER IS, Feeding hungry kids because every child must thrive!

It may sound foreign to us who have enough food at the table, but there are many kids out there who are going to school hungry. Right now, more than ever, families are struggling to make ends meet both in the US and around the world.

Even if they are able to rely on food stamps, it pays for a limited amount of food (I know this first-hand because my older sister was on welfare with her daughters). It´s really hard to feed the kids when you´re going through a tough moment in life.

My grandmother made a living after the Civil War in Spain doing all types of odd jobs. And she also knew how to be creative in the kitchen to stretch her money. She could turn two ingredients into a meal. Food was scarce and the whole country was struggling.

Fortunately, not everyone is struggling to put food on the table in the U.S., and some of us are fortunate to make ends meet. This allows us to help those who aren´t so privileged.

Everyone is busy, and sometimes remembering to offer a hand to those in need might seem complicated, but there are ways to help the hungry children without having to spare much time.

We all go grocery shopping, right? So Safeway has made it easier to lend a hand by purchasing products that will donate a percentage to HUNGER IS, which will give the proceeds to hungry children.

The Albertsons Companies and the Entertainment Industry Foundation have joined forces to launch HUNGER IS, to raise awareness, funds and enroll volunteers to support the mission to eradicate hunger in America.

So far, since 2014 when the program first launched, it has provided healthy breakfasts for kids in need. This month of September the efforts to raise awareness and money to feed the children is the main focus.

The facts:

  • I out of 5 children in America doesn’t have access to adequate and consistent nutrition.

  • 22 million children in this country rely on free or reduced-price lunches for their nutritional needs.

  • Almost half of children eligible for reduced or free school breakfast (5 million) don’t receive it.

  • 44% of supplemental nutrition assistance program participants are under the age of 18.

  • 3 out of 4 k-8 teachers say that they regularly see students coming hungry to school.

The efforts made by HUNGER IS:

  • Increase enrollment in school breakfast.

  • Implement best practices in school breakfast nutrition.

  • Give families food (food banks), specific breakfast foods for outside school time.

  • Offer “backpack” programs to provide children with breakfast food on weekends.

  • Increase nutritional content of breakfast programs.

Let’s make breakfast happen so that every child can thrive! It’s as simple as going to SAFEWAY and purchasing products that will help keep kids in need healthy and nourished!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Companies & Hunger Is. The opinions and text are all mine.

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