Many lives, Many Masters; An inspiring book to put your soul at ease.

A comforting book on death and how it may change how we live. This book was given to me as a birthday present and the gentleman did what nobody ever does anymore, dedicated it to me. This book came up over drinks a few months ago when we were talking about our respective divorces, how we were ending them well, in a civilised manner because we both believe in karma. This book is about just that, and as I mentioned before; death.

Many lives, Many Masters, by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. is bringing me peace. I believe that we get help and learn lessons that can change us and how we see the world from all sorts of sources, especially from second-hand experience. As I go to bed at night, I make a point of reading, even if only for five minutes. This book tucks me in and puts me to sleep feeling like everything is going to be OK.

At a time when my life is less than perfect, this enchanting read is pulling me through and making me less anxious about the future. Although at present I have little time for that, I’m very efficient and always find time, even a few seconds, to bring the house down and focus on the dark side.

If you happen to be looking for something meaningful to read and a way to cope with loss, life or death, this book may ease the pain and brighten your days.

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