Cereales con Cariño: What’s really important

I’m Spanish.  My grandmother raised me alongside my father. We celebrated all those wonderful family traditions, and family gatherings filled with love. I remember our breakfasts, sitting at the table listening to the radio, which also gave us the time every minute in the middle of telling us a story. It was called Radio Minuto. Although sometimes we felt rushed in the morning, we still sat and shared breakfast, probably the most important meal of the day, especially for children.


I also hold close to my heart my adorable nephews and nieces at the table during breakfast, when they were younger, eating mostly Cheerios, lots, with a tad of milk. But it was the gathering for breakfast that made it a lovely moment. Sharing traditions with my loved ones over meals always brings us closer.

And life is that, a chain of moments shared those we love. This is why General Mills is promoting #cerealesconcariño video series showing how important keeping our traditions with our families is. Being Hispanic Heritage month, what a better time to celebrate our family traditions.

Cereal con Cariño is a 4 part video series that features El Guzi and his friends. The first video features the lovely Jeannette Kaplun and El Guzi sharing a bowl of cheerios while discussing how they share moments of love with their families.

I don’t have children but I am an aunt and a godmother to many, and every moment and tradition I share with them fill me with cariño, love. Our traditions range from getting together for meals, Christmas celebrations, the grapes on New Year’s Eve, los Reyes Magos. And we always have our pups with us too, who help our hearts grow larger and also are part of our traditions.

#cerealconcarino #generalmills #cheerios





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