Groundbreaking Technology for caring for our aging loved ones!

My grandmother will soon be turning 100 in January, and I’m hoping to be there to see her, hug her and thank her for being my mom and caring for me. Her mind is sharper than mine, however, she does have walking issues. I believe that what scares her most is falling. Her last fall took her to the emergency room. Luckily, my brother was there and he took her to the hospital. Although she wears a device she can click to get help, she was too scared to even think about pressing the button. Needless to say, she is rarely left alone because of that.

I just learnt that Blue Willow Systems has come up with a better device, one that monitors where the person is, tracks movements and can immediately sense if there has been a fall. No need for the person to click a button to get help. Sometimes, like my grandmother, the person is too scared to think of clicking the device, and this solves that problem.

CEO Vikram Devdas said that he founded the company after his father passed away after an undetected fall. He designed the system so senior care communities can automatically monitor the health and location of their residents using a variety of sensor devices. Some are wearable and others are not. Still, this really helps everyone and most importantly the elderly.

I believe this device makes them feel more at ease and less fearful when venturing out and about. I know my grandmother would really appreciate the freedom this device would bring her. My family members who care for her would also appreciate being able to leave for a few hours without fearing a fall. However, it can be avoided and Blue Willow Systems has solved the problem.

Kudos to CEO Vikram Devdas!

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor On Life and Hope y todo lo demás received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. 

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