Why I choose to wear “give-up” clothes

The other night, my friend and I watched a movie where this woman was chastising her recently divorced friend because she was wearing “give-up clothes.” While I found it hilarious it wasn’t so funny when my own friend looked at me and said, “Don’t laugh so hard because you are wearing give-up clothes around the house too!” She was right and what’s worse, I’m soon to be divorced legally too, so there were similarities with the character.

Give-up clothing is best described as “I no longer care, I don’t expect anyone to find me attractive, I’m bracing for the worst; being found alone and dead with this awful get-up and people will say: she obviously had given up. However, I have always been this way and I believe I’m not alone.

There seems to be a new look around the house marketed as “loungewear.” Instead of the old comfy rags worn around the house, these are garments that are fancy, really cute and extremely expensive are to substitute the “give-up” look some of us choose to wear. While I love those garments, they are sometimes too cute and as I said, too expensive to be worn around the house while lying around, cleaning or simply napping on the couch.

Before I was married I wore the oldest and least attractive clothing around the house, and while I was married too, prompting my husband to tell me that my “loungewear” made me look like his little brother in oversized clothes. Maybe that’s what made him leave! My not caring or my lack of sexiness 24/7. Whatever it was, I will always continue to wear my “give-up” clothes, because if I feel comfortable enough with someone to do so, that’s the person for me.



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