9 Months of love

In a week, I’ll be leaving for my beloved Spain but saying goodbye to my friends and housemate Drew. Today, as I walked in the door and she came wagging her tail to greet me, I realized how much I was going to miss her, my friends and the home that has hosted me for the last 9 months. Gratitude seems to have lost its meaning, it’s more than that which I feel.

This was to be my “transition” home as my friends told me when they offered me to stay. And I couldn’t have asked for more. Actually, I got more than I actually deserved. I got my own little piece of heaven plus Drew, my companion whom I hugged and talked to. Thanks to this “home” I never got to that part in a divorce where one feels unloved or lonely.

With a heavy heart, I will leave but knowing that my heart is bigger thanks to them.

I’m blessed in friendships, I know.


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