What gets you through hard times

I’ve gone through plenty of hard times, as most of us have. The downs are part of life, but it is our choice how we manage to get through them and our attitude.

If we only focus wholeheartedly on the bad, the time we spend in the darkness of the tunnel will be longer, more painful and inevitably will paralyze us. However, if even in our darkest hours we allow a little room to see the light, to focus on the good in our lives instead, and how much worse it could be, we will keep walking. Slowly at the beginning, but we will eventually make our way out of the tunnel much faster.

Hope is a little ingredient we should always keep and practice. If we believe things can and will get better, somehow with this attitude we will be readier to do the footwork, even with much more energy and enthusiasm.

So it is hope what will get us through in the end. It is a positive outlook on life that will make us ready to set the good energy in motion to achieve our dreams and get out of the tunnel of grief and into greener pastures.

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