What really matters in life

It’s taken me till now to realize what really matters and what makes me happy. I can tell by how my heart seems to expand and how my loneliness has dissipated.

What really matters to me might not be what matters to everyone, but taking a hard look at myself and my life after a very rough year and a half, I have come to know what really matters to me and what makes my life rich. I no longer look at others as a reference although I do follow my own heroes that have helped me see what direction is best for me.

What matters to me now:

  • Friendship and family. Only in time do we find out who we really care for and who is there for you. When I’m with people I love I feel complete.
  • My job. This, I always felt guilty about. People often said that work cannot be your sole source of happiness, yet, while it isn’t completely, it plays a very big part in mine. I’m a teacher and I thrive in the classroom. I connect with my students and this is who I am.
  • Pups. I have come to adore dogs. My favorite “humans.” I can hug them and love them without ever feeling afraid to show them too much love.
  • Time alone. I love spending time alone. Again, I always felt guilty thinking that I should be out there doing things with people, but now I realized that my alone time at home is a source of joy and warmth. Especially because it’s my choice.
  • Connecting with people all ages. There are so many stories to hear and share. All mostly enriching. There’s always a lesson behind every encounter.
  • Not needing a life companion because my friends and family fill that space. I no longer feel the need to be with someone. I now know freedom now!
  • Giving of my time and helping others; The joy or satisfaction is priceless.
  • Traveling to visit friends and family.
  • A warm bath.
  • And smaller things that make every day ja little bit more joyful.


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