Age, labels, barriers, and tribes

When I was 37 my sister told me to sign up for More, a magazine for women over forty. I didn’t want to do it because I just didn’t feel any kinship with those women. Now at fifty, I still don’t. It’s not a matter of age; it’s a matter of not ever feeling part of any tribe.

I feel close to people not because of their age, but for how I relate to them, and this is where I find no age barriers. I can relate to a 20-year-old as much as to an 80-year-old, and it only depends on the stories shared.

Labels, barriers, tribes are not for me. I’m into relating to others on a very personal level. Age to me, besides looks, has more to do with the story behind each individual. I find every story shared usually very interesting, especially when vulnerability and a heart accompany it.

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