The calm that comes with age.

Aging, some might think is unfair and cruel as my grandfather would say. It takes away your beauty, your strength and sometimes your hopes and ideals. You may become too tired to battle on with the looming of your mortality and fallibility in the horizon. But it’s not all as bad as it seems.

Age hopefully, brings a certain acceptance of what is. The calm you hoped you would some day acquire, finally settles in to bring you peace. While you become more aware of your infirmities and your own mortality, you also become more appreciative of the life you have and every breath you take. Every relationship you have or have had becomes more spiritually important. Your perspective on life and urgency to live are more focused and more realistic.

The certain calm age brings is not as unsettling as you might think. It’s not giving up, it’s about embracing reality and feeling comfortable with it.

Aging is not all that bad. Embrace the calm after the storm. Hopefully, when you look back you learned a thing or two.

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