My new companion, my new best friend.

When I heard my mother wanted a dog years ago for emotional support, I dismissed it as some crazy idea. A dog? That’s work, not emotional support! But then, little did I know that years later I would be eating those words and would find myself enjoying the best emotional support and unconditional love from a pup.

From one day to another, I had to leave my former home. Thankfully  my friends were so kind as to offer me to stay with them in their beautiful joyful home to help me transition into my new life.  I was in a daze those days, sad and disoriented but they helped me to keep my chin up and gave me yet another gift: a companion to wake up to and bring some purpose to my shattered life. Drew. Their dog.

From the day I walked in, we connected. I asked if I could walk her and feed her, and my friends were again kind enough to share her with me and let me take care of her. Actually, she is taking care of me. She follows me all day and luckily I’m free these days to spend a lot of time with her. We are like siamese twins. I hug her and she looks at me with so much appreciation it melts my heart. I’ve learnt to read what she needs and wants. She is sweet, warm and loving. She in turn, if she sees I’m sad, comes to me and sits by my side.

Waking up to a wagging tail is the highlight of my day. We have our routine. We have breakfast, go out to the garden, then she chills while I work on the computer and then back out, as often as she wants because I just love to see her enjoying the garden, sniffing and wagging her tail, then looking at me beckoning me to follow her.

She is a bit old and has the normal problems for her age. I’m no spring chicken either so it’s comforting to share some infirmities.

She is my companion and best friend now. The love I feel towards Drew is one I have yet to feel towards another human being. There is nothing but love. No arguing, no annoyance, no “you did this, I did that.” Drew brings me peace and has been my saviour at a low point in my life.


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