The beauty of simplicity in all things.

It’s been a ride. A long bumpy ride, and although I know well that it’s not over, I’ve learnt to appreciate simplicity and live by it. It’s the only way I see I can make my life manageable and peaceful.Simplicity means to me a clean, uncluttered yet beautiful space. The same goes with relationships. Straight, honest relationships where I am myself and don’t have to tiptoe around any subject.

I can no longer deal with life’s clutter; the clutter in difficult relationships, the clutter of excess or the mental clutter certain situations and people exert. Simplifying may mean letting go of people or things, or learning to manage a situation by taking away all the drama.

There is so much beauty in simplicity, so much calm and peace. I can no longer do complicated and I’m only open to clear, clean and simple spaces. The result is mental and emotional clarity!

2 thoughts on “The beauty of simplicity in all things.


    You are right Laura. Wisdom comes with simplicity. There is a wise saying that reseumes it all: “the truth will make us free and love will make us strong”. The truth is that we are all siblings, sons and daughters of the same father, God. Thus we should love one another as siblings, and love God as our creator and loving father. These thoughts encompass all faiths and all true religions. Silvano

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