Will this be our year?

We believed that it was to be “our year,” “our time.” Our luck turned and we made it all happen. Years later we are at different crossroads, older and maybe wiser. Perhaps now, more beaten up to utter those words again. Our enthusiasm is not what it used to be. The reality of life has bitten us, sometimes sharply, others just barely. Yet, we haven’t remained untouched.

Life wears us down, but we have managed to hang onto hope and still tread on. Now, when we can’t muster such enthusiasm on our own, we cheer each other on somewhat more cautiously. Before we thought we had all the answers and had our steadfast convictions. Those have changed too. Now we are more careful and not so quick to pass judgment.

Now, we know there are less right answers, we are less afraid to be ourselves and are more accepting. We used to give advice based on what we thought. Now, we talk from experience and know that one size doesn’t fit all.

We also know that nothing is forever and live more by “we only live once and what’s the worst that could happen?” Our values have changed and we have become less rigid.

Will this be “our year?” you ask. My friend, I really don’t know. I have battled a lot in the past few years, some imaginary and some real battles. I’m more tired now from the fight and can only say “This is our day,” I can’t see further than today but still… ‘Let’s keep dreaming and hoping.” And let’s do this together because now I know that I can’t do it on my own.

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