Optimism is not a choice

We were checking our weather apps on our phones because I had told my friend that the weather was getting better starting Monday. She said hers showed it was not getting better till Wednesday. My weather app showed Monday as the beginning of warmer weather and sun. So, we checked to compare our weather apps and they both showed the same thing, yet, we saw it differently. For me, a sun half covered with clouds meant great weather, to her not so great. She told me I was such an optimist. I guess I am!

I have weathered storms and somehow, I have always seen some light at the end of the tunnel or at least gotten a flashlight to find the other side where the light was. I guess that is the difference. I find ways to see the brighter side of things and make it work.

When someone now tells me: “You’re so fucked!” I calm them, showing them evidence that I am not totally fucked. That there is a way to get where I’m going. Not sure yet, but at least, I have a semi-plan that I’m ready to change anytime as I’m sure curves are always present. So I secure my belt and go for it.

I do know that I’m privileged to have friends with whom without I would really be screwed, perhaps now I allow myself that optimism too because it helps me sleep better and be more proactive.

What I do know is that my optimism is not really a choice, it comes naturally. It’s not always there, but soon enough it unfolds its wings and lifts me.

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