Tips to create your own happy moments.

We can create our own happy moments, no matter how down we may be, making a routine that will enable us to laugh and smile. This is the best indicator that we are experiencing happiness.

  • Google funny jokes and images and you will start your day with a laugh. If you share them even better. I personally do this every morning at the ungodly hour of 4:00 AM. This little routine makes my day and possibly other people’s a little bit brighter.
  • On your way to work, listen either to upbeat music or classical light music. The first will cheer your commute, the second will calm you down and also help you breathe to enjoy the present moment.
  • Have books for every mood. If you have a selection of books you have yet to read, always have at least one funny lightweight read handy.
  • Go for a stroll on the beach if you are lucky to live by it. The sea will lighten your spirit, and the vastness of the waters will remind you how small your problems are compared to the amazing sight.
Enjoy the vastness of nature.

Enjoy the vastness of nature.

  • Spend time with positive people. Although we have our ups and downs, surely some can brighten your day.
Happiness: Surround yourself with positive people.

Happiness: Surround yourself with positive people.

  • Immerse yourself in something creative: painting, drawing etc. Anything which will shift your focus away from the present problems you may be experiencing. A fleeting moment focusing on creating something will bring you fullfilment and satisfaction.
Happy moments: Indulging in creativity.

Happy moments: Indulging in creativity.

  • Never go to bed angry. Do what you have to do to fall asleep and end your day on a positive note. Seek to end those angry thoughts either by forgiving yourself or another. Believe that tomorrow it will all make more sense.
  • Pay it forward. Giving, especially to a stranger by paying their toll, their coffee just out of kindness makes you feel good.
  • Exercise. Just because. Not because you want to be fit, thin or to prepare for a competition. Start exercising for the benefit of oxygenating your body. Enjoy the feeling of making your body stronger for the sole reason of enjoyment and what happens when you engage in working out: a better mood and a clearer mind.
  • Give yourself a “personal day.” Take a day off to do whatever you want to do.”
  • Stay in touch with loved ones.
  • Think less about tomorrow and more about today. Tomorrow, you can’t control and might only cause anxiety. Stay focused on today, now, and practice letting things you can’t control play out.
  • Disconnect for a day. Let your phone be and try  going about your day without engaging in social media. Give yourself a break.
  • Write a long due letter by hand. Use nice paper and pen. The enjoyment, the thought you put into it will be appreciated.
  • Connect with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Life gets crazy but making time for those you care for is important.
  • Chill watching an old movie you always enjoy. I like to watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” it brings me joy and comfort.
  • Indulge in some chocolate.
  • Go for a long hike either alone or with a friend. The outdoors, nature and fresh air always do the trick. Nothing better to boost your mood when experiencing beauty.
  • Take a warm bath. Light a candle, one, not 100 like in movies, it’s a pain and unrealistic. Play music and relax.
  • Go get a massage or mani-pedi. Doing things for yourself is an act of self-love and respect.
  • Organize and clean your home. Doing so will make you feel at peace with yourself. Some say happiness is a clean and organized home.
  • Cook a meal and share it with a friend.
  • Buy a random gift.
  • Spend time with a puppy. These are the most happiness boosters.
  • If you are like me, and even if it only is temporary happiness, get a new pair of shoes.
  • Travel someplace you’ve never been.
  • Make new friendships.
  • Smile and your mood will change. You can’t be angry if you smile. Not fake, though. Find a reason to smile. Look back and think about funny or happy moments you have experienced thus far.

Happiness is just a series of random happy moments. Collect as many as you can. Sometimes we forget that we can create them too.

What do you do to create your happy moments?

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