Once we learn all our lessons, our job is done.

Rosie the riveter. Wiki commons.

Rosie the riveter. Wiki commons.

I’ve always believed that life is a series of hoops you have to somehow jump trough to become more learned in the art of living. In addition, once we’ve learned all our lessons and grasp the meaning of or own lives and role, we cease to be. Our job is done. Time to leave.

We keep challenging ourselves to become, hopefully, the people we so aspire to be. We also keep looking for answers and try to find our spot in the word were we are finally content and happy.

No size fits all, and we all have our own questions and our own goals to tackle. To reach that point of self-satisfaction and approval, we embark on our journey.

Knowing this, I sometimes fail to see the point. When life becomes too overwhelming I start to question whether it is worth the trouble. As one day in which I was so tired by my new endeavor that I told a friend: “Man, I have never had a break. Making ends meet has never come easy. I’m tired of fighting to survive.” Yet these sentiments vanished as soon as I had a good rest and was ready to jump on the wagon again, ready to face the job, which I fortunately love as exhausting as it might be at times.

Even when I’m flooded occasionally by these self-pity episodes, I know that if I had all my needs met, I would still need to find some endeavor to keep growing, learning and find my purpose in life, which keeps changing, until it doesn’t and I can leave quietly and fulfilled. Mission accomplished.

So, don’t try to hurry to have your questions answered.  You don’t want to arrive too soon at the finish line.


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