24 things that make me happily single at fifty!

As much as I miss having a home to go back to -the perfect home I had finally found- my puppy, the “false” sense of security believing someone had my back and the companionship. After the abrupt separation, the months following made me realize the upside of being “single” again. It is different now at fifty and this too is a gift because my worldview and self-esteem are much more solid than when I was younger.

I am glad this has happened now when I am less insecure and have a clearer vision of who I am and what I actually want and need. We all deal with separation differently and our circumstances are unique. So here is my personal and unique view of the upside of being single again at fifty.

  1. I am free to roam guilt free. Nobody to answer to.
  2. I can spend a month or more with my family, which is the biggest plus!
  3. I can actually watch all the movies I like and not have to give up the TV remote and watch “Platoon” over and over.
  4. I don’t have to walk on eggshells in the morning because my husband finds the noise annoying.
  5. I can finally put those 4 hours plus I spent commuting to good use now that I live in the city.
  6. I don’t have someone telling me all I do wrong.
  7. I can have real conversations with friends who will actually listen and not belittle my opinions.
  8. I can pair cheap tops with expensive shoes and won’t be criticized for it.
  9. The bed is my own! I can read as late I want and get up as often as I want.
  10. When I go out, I can stay as long as I want or return as early as I want.
  11. I can choose to stay in my PJ’s all day reading guilt-free.
  12. Nobody will make fun of my eating or exercise habits.
  13. I can wear my mismatched PJ’s without being given “That look.”
  14. I can have all the mood swings I want!
  15. I am the master of my schedule and can glue myself to the computer working for hours.
  16. I don’t need to prove my point at every step.
  17. I don’t have to be late anywhere anymore!
  18. I don’t “have to” anything, for anyone’s sake.
  19. Nobody makes fun of my favorite music.
  20. I can finally go to see a ballet performance, which I always loved.
  21. No more silent treatments!
  22. I can keep doing what I love to do, making little money yet surviving and not being labeled a “loser” for it.
  23. I’m not frowned upon because I don’t drive. Uber is my new friend!
  24. Being single now for me is a CHOICE and this is liberating.

Ah… the joys of being single! God bless it came at 50!


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