The curse of being a woman.

I always like to joke sarcastically about how great it would be to have a lobotomy, so as not to feel so much and so intensely as we women do. Another solution would be to be injected a high dose of male hormones to stabilize and freeze emotion. Of course, without the awful side effects of growing a beard and all those unpleasantries.

Jokes aside, women do suffer more than men emotionally. While we share the same mental illnesses as depression, anxiety, and insomnia, to name a few, women do so to a higher degree. As Time article “It’s Not Just Sexism, Women Do Suffer More From Mental Illness,” explains. According to the article, studies show that the yearly rate totals of psychological disorders are 20-40% higher in women than men. That’s a lot! That’s unfair! That’s sexist! But, it’s true.

Why are we so cursed by emotion and mental illness? In my humble opinion, women have more to tend to and more to prove. As caregivers, we stretch ourselves far and beyond. Placing friends, family, children and work before any of our personal needs. Besides the obvious: hormones wreak havoc in our lives and bodies. And those, we can’t control. We might be aware that the mood swings we experience are due to hormonal changes, yet we forget and snap inadvertently.

So then, what? Well, all we can do is be aware of our tendency to be more emotional, prone to mental illness and work from there. I have my own emotional shortcomings which I am very aware of. I’m learning to deal with them, which I know is a lifelong process. I can identify what is happening to me now, and try to change my behavior or find help. Talk therapy, even with a friend is great. Laughing at myself is a fantastic antidote too. Of course, I’m talking here of mild cases of emotional distress, for those more serious mental disorders, a therapist is due.

So, yes, there is hope for us cursed emotional women!




15 thoughts on “The curse of being a woman.

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  2. Delfin

    Unfortunately men also have emotions. But there are men and men. Women and women. Whatever, you write very well.

  3. cat Rav

    Problem with your statistic on mental illness is that it is not quite accurate. More women are “reported” as having emotional problems. Men are reluctant to seek help, so dont get “reported”. As for serious depressions– more men actually complete suicide than women. But glad you feel both can benefit from therapy. Both do.
    A therapist for the past 35 years.

  4. Ele Nash, friend of Delfin

    Being called “emotionally unstable” in my 30s was an accurate description of my highs and lows. A nervous breakdown at age 39 from overwork was not a surprise. The roller-coaster of emotions continued when I moved to California at age 43. Another collapse took me to the hospital where a psychiatrist labeled me “bipolar” and put me on lithium. For three years I dealt with lithium, hating every moment. A desperate search in the phone directory took me to an M.D. who was ahead of his time. I had a six-hour fasting test which revealed that my problem was sugar; he took me off lithium, put me on chromium, and my life became more balanced. So I no longer shoved old ladies out of the way to get to the candy counter. Food choices make a huge difference in emotional health as well as physical health.

    1. Laura Carbonell

      Thanks for sharing!!! True too. So many things can affect us emotionally. I’m so glad they found out what was wrong. It’s such a hit and miss.
      Again, thank you for such an honest post. I’m humbled.


    Enter the male again: I happen to know of a woman who has just turned 99 and is not depressed and does not seem to care much about problems one way or another, and, believe you me, she has her wits in good shape. Humankind, a large percentage, will for ever fret over ups and downs. But us men suffer more, mainly because women make us suffer a lot due to the fact that we have testosterone, which is a curse. Without it we would have fewer problems and would spend out time reading and having fun instead of chasing women, who always seem te be interested in another man and give us the shade all the time. So, our problem is testosterone… and that is why old men are happier. Friend to Ele.

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