The curse of being a woman.

On Life, Hope y todo lo demás...

I always like to joke sarcastically about how great it would be to have a lobotomy, so as not to feel so much and so intensely as we women do. Another solution would be to be injected a high dose of male hormones to stabilize and freeze emotion. Of course, without the awful side effects of growing a beard and all those unpleasantries.

Jokes aside, women do suffer more than men emotionally. While we share the same mental illnesses as depression, anxiety, and insomnia, to name a few, women do so to a higher degree. As Time article “It’s Not Just Sexism, Women Do Suffer More From Mental Illness,” explains. According to the article, studies show that the yearly rate totals of psychological disorders are 20-40% higher in women than men. That’s a lot! That’s unfair! That’s sexist! But, it’s true.

Why are we so cursed by emotion and mental…

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