When life comes to a standstill.

We go along our paths, some more happily than others, and all of a sudden one day, life comes into a standstill. You crash into a roadblock, caught so off guard that you are unable to figure out what hit you and how bad the damage is.

It all goes into screen saver mode while you try to gather your bearings. This is just what came upon me. The question is “Now, what?” Anger was my first reaction, then came sorrow, confusion and then the pause, the silence. Loud silence.

That standstill is not a blank meaningless spot, it’s a place where you rest up to catch your breath and figure out how to proceed.

Even if we feel stuck in that motionless place of doubt and uncertainty, it won’t last. Hold on tight till the storm is over. Hide there until you can pick yourself up.

It shall pass, it always does. The worst part is that this stuff inevitably happens to the best of us and we have to face it as best we can. We can’t google our way out of it either. Maybe find solace but little more.

Yep, there is hope after the standstill and the silence, even if the waiting period is longer than we’d like. The answers will come to us and we will be able to face whatever it is. We are meant to go on, no matter what. Our survival instinct always has a way to kick into to gear in the most adverse circumstances.

NB: Reposted from two years ago, but as the lyrics go: “The song remains the same.”

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