Why I would never get clicks on a dating site.

While I respect people who seek their other half on dating sites, I would never join one. I’m not into uncomfortable interviews with strangers and besides, who is really open and truthful? The whole idea bores me. Too much trouble. I rather end my days with good friendships, a dog and peacefully alone. 

However, if I did post a profile it would probably go like this, which would be senseless.

Personal profile.

Passionate about my job. Spend most of my time either teaching, preparing classes or working on social media. Therefore, I don’t cook anymore. 

I like to weight train, hike, run and most of it I like doing alone. 

I’m a good friend but suck at romantic relationships because I’m commitment phobic and have intimacy issues. This makes me very self-centered and awkward.

I’m fifty! Boo! And all I seek is good conversation and some company which I already get from my friends. 

Oh! I love to hug dogs because it’s safe and they never let you down and ask nothing but love in return and some food.

So, there you have it. This would get few clicks and probably some WTF’s?

The problem is that I’ve been in plenty of relationships and seem to attract and pick the most egotistical controlling types. Whereas, I attract the best friends. So, with this track record, I rather stick with friends, dogs and a quiet life with no drama.


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