My long ass list of what I will do in 2016

Since I didn’t celebrate my fiftieth with a bang, I will celebrate starting the new year, setting goals to keep me focussed on what is important to me. This will be my 5oth celebration. Another year of change, hopes and good tidings.

My lists are long and every year they change, I add and cross out. This year won’t be different, it will be long, but the things I will do are geared to successfully find happier moments to sew together.

  • I will spend more quality time with friends and will say YES to all invitations. Or as many as possible.
  • I’ll go back to running and exercising every day. Good for my mental and emotional health.
  • I’ll go out more and try to be the one to extend invitations and come up with plans.
  • I’ll start cooking again. Hopefully, as promised following my friend/blogger and cook’s book La cocina de Vero.
  • I’ll read more books and get back to those I was immersed in when “divorce” happened and ended up stored away in boxes. Phillippe Diederich’s Sofrito and Mikel Alvira’s La novela de Rebeca.
  • I will polish my English and writing with Delfin Carbonell’s  Gramatica Inglesa Para Torpes and Escribir Bien Para Torpes.
  • I will travel to Italy with my bestie Nuria.
  • I will go visit the most beautiful meals, I mean, region in Spain, the Basque Country, and meet the team of experts whom without them you don’t really get to  KNOW the real Basque Territory, Basque Experiences. I will also pop into Hotel Miró, a unique boutique hotel right in front of the Guggenheim.
  • I will find and settle in an address I can call home.
  • I will keep teaching and enjoy every minute of it. (actually I need not add this, since it’s a given.)
  • Sleep late.
  • Give away most of my belongings.
  • I will volunteer at some animal shelter. I need those good vibes and hugs.
  • I will respect myself and say no more often.
  • Live in the moment.
  • I won’t be “so nice” that I will regret it afterwards.
  • I will try to use the phone more often to actually talk to people.
  • Although I am already working on it, I will put away my phone when I’m with company.
  • I will go back to hiking. Nature brings me back to life.
  • Share more love and happy moments with the people I love.
  • …and many more. I’ll be updating as the year comes to an end…

What are you hoping to achieve?


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