Will this be my last?

As I indulged in my self-destructive habit out on the porch last night, I thought to myself if this was to be my last. We really never know. So, I enjoyed my cigarette thinking; Shouldn’t we live with this frame of mind? Life can take a turn at any moment. Our lives can come to an end while we thought we had all the time in the world. And I’m in no way saying we should indulge in self-defeating and unhealthy habits. I’m saying that we should live today and every moment as best we can to the fullest. Making every moment count.

We leave things unsaid, undone and what is worse, we forget to appreciate the only moment we really are sure to have, the conscious “now.” That’s just about the only thing we have guaranteed. Moments in the present we sometimes choose to live through unconsciously, going through the motions.

One day if we are lucky enough to survive, we really don’t want to be asking ourselves: Where did all the time go? Why did I miss that chance? Why did I always think it was too late? Why didn’t I appreciate life more?

Life is just a collection of moments. We have the choice of either wasting them away just surviving or being present and treasuring what we have right now. We don’t know when we will take our last breath, so let’s make every single moment count.

We are not guaranteed a tomorrow, we are only guaranteed “now.”

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