Sparks of happiness.

Happiness is in you. But there is a way to spark happiness and set up a fire. Maybe short lived but it adds up if you look for it and are ready to see it. This does come with age. Genuine feelings of happiness are sparked as we appreciate those things that when we were younger, we took for granted.The spark of happiness can be found in profound small things and you can also spark someone else’s happiness in the same way.

My sparks of happiness come from:

1. Those texts asking me how I’m doing.
2. Or those random texts with just an emoji that lets me know someone is thinking of me.
3. That coffee with a friend who confides in you, her darkest secret.
4. That shared movie at home.
5. That gesture from a stranger to have their seat. (maybe old age).
6. That comment of appreciation from a friend.
7. That pet that comes to you wagging its tail making you feel loved.
8. The pleasure of turning that last page in a book you thoroughly enjoyed.
9. That warm bath or shower you take just because, at the end of a cold day.
10. That hilarious “dog” video that makes you laugh.
11. Those cute shoes you wear once in a while that are actually comfortable heels!
12. That blue clear sky greeting you in the morning.
13. A hike that reminds you how small we are and what a beautiful world is.
14. That run, you have not taken for a while, that reminds you how well you feel during but mostly after.
15. Those pictures you find from years ago that bring a smile.
16. A hug.
17. A knowing smile between two people.
18. That song that transports you to a happy time.
19. That book you reread that brings you never-ending comfort.
20. That smile that’s so clean and clear.

And many more sparks of happiness you can add.

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