I wish people were more like dogs, don’t you?

If we were more like dogs, life would be a happier place. As dogs, we’d remain faithful to those we love and care for us. We would not do things that are bad for us. We would not hurt our loved ones intentionally.

Few dogs turn on their loved one. They forget what happened almost immediately unless it has been mistreated and learns the lesson, never to go back to whatever caused him the hurt. They live in the present and love you unconditionally.

They are genuinely happy. And most importantly, extremely happy every time they see you and greet you as if you were the most important person in the world. They love to be hugged and love to cuddle.

They know when you are sad and they try to comfort you. They will always defend you and make sure you are in no danger. They have no hidden agenda: You feed me, love me, keep me happy and I’m all yours; simple.

I wish people were more like dogs. Don’t you?

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