What to never allow…

Not that you don’t already know what crummy behaviour is, but it serves as a reminder to check a list once in a while, in case you slip and let it happen!

1. Never allow anyone to put you down, especially in public.

2. Never allow anyone to have you as a sidekick. The one who takes the other person’s place, just because you happen to be there.

3. Never allow anyone to lie to you more than once. Forgive once, but any more often is practically calling you “stupid,”

4. Never allow anyone to use you. Don’t be the other woman, the other friend or the other girlfriend. Same goes for guys.

5. Never allow anyone to control you. To tell you what to do or not do.

6. Never allow anyone to coerce you by making you feel guilty and have you do something you don’t want to do. Not even at work. If you lose the job, it wasn’t meant for you.

7. Never allow anyone to break a promise more than once. Hold people to their word. If they can’t keep it, they are not worth your while.

8. Never allow anyone to manipulate you, using passive aggressive tactics. These are emotional vampires and you can do very well without them.

9. Never allow anyone to buy you by “telling you sweet nothings,” Those don’t cost money and if you don’t see it, don’t believe it. Period. This is about relationships. Don’t take “I love you’s” for granted. Tell them to show you the money. Words come easy.

10. Never allow anyone to choose for you. Your clothing, your books, your job. You have to decide for yourself. It’s hard enough to know yourself, let alone if someone else takes away that privilege.

11. Never allow anyone to shortchange you. In any possible way. Confront people and tell them what they owe you, be it an apology, or anything else you feel you are owed. Especially at work.

12. Don’t allow anyone to blame you for their crappy choices and life. A victim always uses others to take away the blame and responsibility.

13. Don’t allow anyone to hurt you in “love” more than once. Once is enough, twice you are asking for it.

And the list goes on. Any more you would add?

However, if you love and respect yourself enough, you won’t be needing any list like this one to know what you should and shouldn’t allow. So the magic potion is: Love and respect yourself, then you can proceed with caution.

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