The only reason I regret not driving.

I was just reading a book entitled Learning to Drive by Katha Pollitt. They are personal essays; a memoir of sorts and the first chapter being; “Learning to drive.” Her ex-husband hated her for not driving, so, after they got a divorce, she decides to start taking driving lessons. I won’t let you in on anymore since the film is out and you may want to read the book yourself too.

The story struck home since I am recently separated and this is one of the many things, I believe my ex hated about me; my fear of driving. While I do have a driver’s license, I am so afraid of driving, that when I do, the strain the stress of driving creates in my muscles leaves me with cramps in my neck, arms and shoulders for days. I grip that steering wheel like I’m strangling it!

I am not sorry I don’t drive, though. Especially now that I cannot afford a car of my own, and anyway, I live in a city, San Francisco, where the public transportation and UBER are very convenient and easy. I hope some day my fear of driving will subside and I’ll be able to get behind the wheel just for kicks.But for now I’m content and if people don’t like me because of my fear and for them “handy-cap,” so be it.

I only regret not driving on one occasion; The night I got a call from my best friend’s son telling me his Dad had just been admitted to the Hospital. I didn’t want to ask my husband to drive because I knew he wouldn’t. We lived 30 minutes away from the city, and I will always be sorry I didn’t have the courage to drive and spend the night with him before he left us. That is the only reason I regret not driving.

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