How the Internet makes being alone much easier.

As I entered my 50th birthday with a big bang on many levels: new job, a divorce which has led me to temporarily, I hope, become somewhat of a nomad, beating loneliness has all been easier thanks to the internet.

Sundays can really suck, especially if you haven’t planned them out. Usually, I do, but not this one. I thought I’d spend time alone and chill, but I ended up reaching out, Skyping and face timing with my family, which did make me feel like I had company. I also got sporadic texts from my friends and family filling the day with fun, keeping loneliness at bay.

In the afternoon, I had my hugging time with Drew, the doggie I’m sharing life with for now, and then proceeded to do my “Power yoga” with a video on YouTube.

During dinner, again on the internet, I read the news, which was sad, but is my window to the world. Then watched some music videos on YouTube again and now, thanks to Amazon Prime, I will settle for some movie.

I know face to face interactions are best, but when you don’t have a plan, I can always get my social fix thanks to the internet. I can choose to disconnect and be alone or, in times when I am more vulnerable to fall into the loneliness hole, I can feel much better and not so disconnected.

I agree we are overly connected, but for the lonely lot, if not substituting real life interactions all the time with the internet, it can make being alone so much easier.

4 thoughts on “How the Internet makes being alone much easier.

  1. Juni Desireé

    I’ve really appreciated the connections with people from around the world that I wouldn’t ever have the chance of meeting face-to-face. That is one of the things I love about the internet.

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