Life is ridiculously meaningless.

I’ve been in search for the meaning of life, like many, for a very long time, too long. To be exact for 5 decades, and now, finally, I can rest in peace; the search of that universal meaning is over. I got it! At long last I can sit, relax and stop fretting about finding it and believing it ever existed.

Life in itself is ridiculously meaningless. It’s about finding our “own” meaning and living at peace with it. Everyone has his own and must customize it since one size doesn’t fit all.

I’ve wasted years trying to find the secret meaning. Reading books, envying people who seemed to get it, and along the way I’ve been missing out on life altogether by worrying about finding that secret, that meaning which at the end was with me all along.

My meaning is simple: Living at peace and sharing the best of me with friends, family, colleagues and anyone I interact with. It’s the giving that fills the existential void. The giving of oneself to other people and causes. It’s not about what’s in it for me, it’s  about what’s in it for others.

4 thoughts on “Life is ridiculously meaningless.

  1. Delfin

    Nowhere is it written that “life” (whatever that may mean) has a meaning. Each one of us must find that “meaning” if we are interested.

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