I’m not afraid to lose anything because I have nothing.

A friend of mine told me this years ago when she was in deep debt that she wasn’t afraid of losing anything because she had nothing, yet she was very responsible and paid every penny of the money owed in time. What she meant by this was that she didn’t spend sleepless nights worrying about the future because she dealt with things head-on, not letting worry take away her joy for life or focus.

I always remember this, especially if I catch myself worrying about tomorrow. I have nothing of real value, a debt incurred by a friend, and I too am paying every penny of it slowly but surely and facing it head-on. I am healthy and willing, so work is not so much of an issue, fortunately.

Not having anything does give you a sort of relief, you can change course, get up and leave and travel light, not being weighed down by the many chains of owning too much stuff. I have no home, no car, no children and this might sound like a downside, but it isn’t if the choices you made in life where conscious and brought you here. I have no regrets.

We choose partners that also pave the way in some direction for better or worse, and that is also part of the life deal. Now I have no partner either, but good friends with no strings attached but those of love and understanding.

So, no, I fear losing nothing, because I will also leave this way someday, with nothing.

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