Don’t feel sorry for yourself. It’s a road to nowhere.

Rarely will you find me feeling sorry for myself. I used to, and that only made me hurt myself in some stupid way. Either by turning to alcohol or finding a million other ways to punish me. “That will show them!” I must have thought. Yep… That did show someone, it showed “me” how screwed up my views of the world were and of myself. Life owed me nothing and still doesn’t. We get our share of misfortunes, and how we respond is our choice. We can either curl up in a corner (very tempting) or look beyond what is ailing us and get a move on. We cannot fix all problems in the world but once we are served a dish we dislike, we just have to swallow it and be proactive. Purge it in some way and learn something.

It’s not easy to get off the couch when you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, and we do need some down time to grieve, but there is a time limit. If we take our fair share of responsibility of what has occurred, funnily enough, part of the anger is gone, helping us overcome whatever has befallen.

True that a week ago I felt like I wanted to die, that’s how hard sorrow hit me, but feelings are not a reality to act upon. I said it, shared it and then the feeling was gone.

Before getting into the downward spiral of feeling sorry for yourself, try to take some responsibility for what happened, for your life and move on. It’s not the end of the world yet.

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