The safety we need to feel may come from a “safety blanket.”

We all had at some time either a safety blanket when we were children or some sort of stuffed animal that made us feel safe. Mine was pink, and my grandmother still has some shreds stowed away. I loved that pink blanket. I felt safe but as I grew up I had to let it go. We all do. We cannot carry around a little blanket or stuffed animal around. It would be too weird and would make us unemployable! But we do have our safety blankets or nets we secretly keep.

I have mine. It changes. But the largest safety blanket and net these days are my friends and family who have covered me daily with. I’m in one of those scary moments when you feel like you are jumping into an abyss with no end in sight. It’s actually like that every day, but we feel safe in our routine and can foresee a bit how the coming days will go and have an inkling of how you will feel. I don’t because everything in my life is new and I cannot foresee what will come of me.

My safety blankets are working 24/7, and hard, to keep me feeling safe and happy. I am in awe and feel immense gratitude.

I am very lucky to have my “safety blankets,” and unconditional love that are pulling me through in these hard times..

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