A stolen moment of love.

A stolen moment of love.

A stolen moment of love.

I enjoy stealing moments by taking pictures. I usually don’t include people, only monuments, unusual things and places. However, while on a trip to Ávila, Spain, over the weekend, I stole a very special moment when walking along the fortress’ wall. Looking down I caught a glimpse of a soon to be married couple posing for pictures and I couldn’t resist claiming that moment. A picture of a picture being taken. 

I stole that moment feeling a bit hopeful, that this couple would survive a little longer than the average marriage today. They were happy as the occasion called for, and were playing around posing and being silly. Humor seems to be one of the best ingredients to bring into a marriage and maybe I was able to freeze that in the picture.

A stolen moment of love that shows that people still believe in love, romance and marriage. Anyway, believe in it or not, it is a cute picture!

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