We are patchwork quilts.

We are patchwork quilts. @ Shutterstock

                            We are patchwork quilts. @ Shutterstock

All the people we care about are like pieces of a unique material that makeup our safety quilts. When one piece goes missing, a whole is left that can no longer be replaced. We can patch it up again, but the reminder of the piece of material that used to be there in its place, will forever be missed. 

Just as ourselves, our patchwork quilts get worn by time and piece by piece they wear out fall off. These are the people we lose. In time, we too shall depart and leave an empty spot in someone’s patchwork quilt, and we too shall be missed. Yet, however sad and painful these empty spaces are, they once made up our own and unique very beautiful quilts that brought us so much comfort and love.

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