Who are the real victims of Charlie Hebdo?

We are all victims of terrorism.

                                     Who are the real victims now? Photo courtesy of Rach @Flickr

We are all victims of terrorism, but mostly those who belong to a religion who have found themselves victimized by extremists. Now the world looks at the Muslim community and tags them all as terrorists.

The real terrorists, therefore, succeed in their purpose, turning the world against each other and planting the seed of suspicion and fear.

Let’s reflect, stand back and see who the real victims are. Of course, those who have been killed are the unfortunate first, but the spread of these killings through fear can only create a state of alarm and prompt even more radical groups to find an excuse to victimize the communities they are so against.

May all these awful events teach us tolerance, open-mindedness and acceptance. Let’s not do onto others what we wouldn’t like done to us.


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