Fears keep us trapped in our comfort zone.

Courtesy of ~ Erebos @Flickr

                    Fear keeps us trapped in our comfort zone.   Courtesy of ~ Erebos @Flickr

Some seek help to overcome their fears, but few are willing to take the steps necessary to overcome them. It is different to hope they will go away by exposing those fears to others, than actually wanting to. A hope is often expecting that life will somehow take care of things with no work on our part, while a want is being brave enough to actually be willing to do the footwork knowing that change is a slow process and will take hard work and time.

Admitting fears may simply keep us stuck, doing little to change our situations. A drawback is that at this age, we expect things to happen overnight with little work on our part. Wishing something away won’t do the job. However, making the effort to move away from our comfort zone, will.

Change is terrifying for some, I know from experience, but once you have worked to change something and have succeeded, it’s motivating enough to find the courage to go ahead and change or tweak those things that make our lives miserable.

Practice may not make perfect, but it sure will get you closer to your goals.

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