How to keep the peace in your relationships and avoid confrontations.

CC by Rosh PR (Flickr)

                                How to keep the peace in relationships. CC by Rosh PR (Flickr)

It’s not easy to live in peace when the world seems to conspire against us, so we become sucked into battles, mostly ego centered, too easily. We fall pray to those fights and everyone seems to want to be right at all costs and nobody is willing to make concessions. But there is a way to avoid silly arguments. 

  • Listen beyond what is being said and don’t take it personally. That person might be having a bad day and just needs a beating board. Listen, assent and don’t give into the needling. Gracefully walk away when you fear you will eventually crack.
  • Avoid people who are “troublemakers.’ Some people feed on causing trouble or drama. Run!
  • Keep pleasant company. Look for people who will make you feel calm and not fearful about what you might say next that will blow up into a big controversy.
  • Accept that we can’t all agree and let it be. Don’t try to convince people about your point of view. State it and listen to theirs accepting they might have a point.
  • If someone irritates you, leave and if possible go in search of nature. Peace will always await you there, and it will energize you.
  • In time all this avoidance practice will bring you peace, and you will realize how unnecessary confrontation is and how many ways there are to avoid them.
  • Why start fights with someone you care for if you will later agree to disagree? We are all different and this is exceptional. How boring would it be if we all thought alike?
  • Accept the defeat with some people and move on. Sometimes no mater what we say, they will keep beating on the same subject, hoping you will agree.

With age comes some sort of peace, mostly sought, because experience has taught us that it’s not worth the energy or trouble to fight or argue anymore. In my case the thought of confrontation makes me feel extremely tired and bored. I’ve had my share, and now it’s time to enjoy the peace.

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