On breaking bad news.


by Rod Waddington

On breaking bad news CC by Rod Waddington

Being the bearer of bad news is something I’m not comfortable with, especially because I’m very protective of other people’s feelings and I try to avoid causing others pain. But life is full of bad news and out of respect; this news must be broken at some time.

Just as I like to know when something is up, it’s my responsibility to do the same. Pain is unavoidable and sooner or later news gets around, and not having dispensed it, is a selfish act. In my book, it’s selfish because causing pain and hurt makes me feel crummy as I tend to make other people’s pain my own.

There is never a right time for dispensing bad news. So, I will set forth, brace myself, be honest and let the chips fall where they may.

Is there a trick to letting people know when something has gone wrong? The only trick I know is to be as kind and loving as possible when doing so. People are entitled to know the truth and I cannot keep it from them. It’s a right we shouldn’t take away.

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