A purposeful life.

by godserv

by godserv

Without a daily purpose, life becomes tedious and pointless. Like a slow death by boredom. We need something to keep us on our toes. Whether it is kids we are raising, a book  waiting to be written or a run we are planning. We all need to fill that empty void that comes to visit once in a while: boredom, meaninglessness or idleness.

No purpose is too banal, as long as it fulfills your sense of self-worth. That sense of adding your grain of salt to this sometimes meaningless life.

How you define “purposeful” is your choice. What makes me happy and fulfilled is giving over receiving, going for a run, improving my skills, and helping others out. Yours will be different. But, whatever it is, define it  before “early boredom onset” takes hold of you and it kills you. 

According to Friedrich Nietzsche; Life is only worth living if there are goals inspiring one to live.

Allow yourself to be inspired, to do what gives your life meaning, a purpose that will make you enjoy life everyday.

3 thoughts on “A purposeful life.

  1. Anonymous

    I used to exercise too. Until one day, I suddenly stopped what the activity and thought “Why am I doing this?”. Not able to think of a reason, I never started again.
    Life is pointless. Most of my achievements are the result of half-efforts; most of my failures are the result of giving 100%.
    The best method I’ve found for reaching goals is to not care about them.
    But now I’ve reached all my important goals; beyond meeting basic needs, I’m just waiting to die.

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