The end is near! Have fun NOW!

Have fun NOW!

Have fun NOW!

Then end might be waiting around the corner, so why not have fun NOW. Not later, not next weekend, but NOW. And by fun I don’t mean doing crazy things or making it an excuse to overspend or act dangerously. I mean, enjoying small things we often don’t allow ourselves or leave for later.

The pleasure of lying down to read, time spent chatting with your family or friends without thinking about the next “big” thing, writing, listening to music, going for a dive if you are lucky enough to have a pool, these things shouldn’t wait. This is time wisely spent, living and having fun.

So much of our time is spent worrying that we miss the fun. I live more NOW than ever before and I don’t have to do great things to live fully. Before I lived in angst believing that preparing for tomorrow was ever more important, and that little luxuries like reading or just sitting watching a sunset were a waste of time. No longer do I feel this way. Life has lessons to teach and this one is one to take good note of.

The little time I have to spare will be spent on worry, which is little, next to none. The other, on fun, which is doing just this, doing things I enjoy, because you never know. The end could be as near as tomorrow, and this, if it’s to be my last breath will be spent trying to have fun.

Hope you spend your time wisely, and have fun NOW!

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