Nobody knows…

Nobody knows...

Nobody knows…

We all have some tune we hum or sing while alone. I have my own which I never gave much thought to, until I realized how often these words came up. They are in no way lyrics of a song I heard that I know of. All I know is that for years now I catch myself singing and humming these words “Nobody knows.” repeatedly.

Call me crazy if you will, but I believe I’m not there yet. What I do know is that there are secrets we keep, even from ourselves that come out either in tunes we sing to ourselves or through any other creative outlet. We may not be able to pinpoint what it is we don’t want to tell. It may lie buried inside. Just as when I pick up a pencil to draw and without any premeditation my hand goes onto drawing water, eyes and tears. While I’m not unhappy, there is always some hidden part in me that is sad.

“Nobody knows,” I’m sure, is a tune shared by many. Not all secrets can be or should be shared. They are our little worlds that few would understand and are the ones that make us unique.

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