Are our children waking up to reality too soon?


Teaching children about peace

Teaching children about peace.

Now more than ever, it’s hard to screen our kids from the cruelty that is going on in the world. Many will say we shouldn’t, that so is life and they should know what it’s about the sooner the better. But kids are becoming more aware at an earlier age that death is imminent and cruelty an everyday occurrence. Is this right? Shouldn’t children have a more naïve view of the world longer? What’s the rush? They will experience their rude awakening inevitably soon enough.

If we were to teach them more about love, empathy and sharing at schools and at home for a longer period of time, they might make a difference in the future. They are the future; Why not allow them time to learn the basics of peace and how to nurture honest, meaningful and empathetic relationships? Why not shield them for a while longer?

War, crimes, and the lot can wait. At ten years old they are still full of dreams and ready to be taught like at no other time the art of living. A tough task, but the best way to ensure kids suffer the least by teaching them how being diplomatic, forgiving and honest, will ensure that they lead not only a happy life, but help them entertain less grudges and hate.



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