What really matters.

What really matters.

What really matters.

What really matters changes over time. That which we thought was important before, in time becomes secondary and is replaced by something else. As we grow and become more attuned with life and who we are, we get better at setting our priorities.

What really matters, are the people we decide to share our lives with; our colleagues, family and friends. Those are the ones that can bring us joy and comfort. Having close tight relationships makes life more bearable. We are social beings and the more quality relationships we have, the better we’ll feel.

Having alone time to think and meditate is healthy, but isolating yourself or burying yourself in work isn’t.

We come to this world alone, and so we leave. While we live we need not be alone. Seek quality relationships, our time is limited and we have a choice of whom to spend our valuable time with. This is what really matters.



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