On stress and migraines.

by manda walker

On stress and migraines. Photograph by manda walker

Not surprisingly my migraines began when I quit drinking almost 21 years ago. I always wondered why but now it’s clear. Alcohol calmed my nerves and kept me somewhat relaxed, at least as long as I had a drink in my hand.

Social anxiety and probably any “normal” life situation triggered my migraines. They are very debilitating but as my fears have faded somewhat, so have the recurrences. Now they have become my stress alert signals. As soon as I go through a very trying day, they show up, mostly at the end of the week when I suddenly let my guard down.

There is nothing I can take that will relieve them, only keeping my anxiety in check and long warm baths. Anything relaxing will do, even running. Whatever takes my mind of them will do the job.

Migraines are grueling and while hormones, foods and lifestyle play a big role, I believe they are a symptom of something deeper.

I know what I have to do to keep them in check; relax, practice mindfulness and just learn to ride them.



3 thoughts on “On stress and migraines.

  1. DysthymiaBree

    Good luck, and may your very excellent-sounding strategies continue to bring you relief from the horrible suffering of migraines … you poor thing 😦 I feel for you.

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