What is a dry drunk?

Dry drunk

What is a dry drunk? CC by foilman

Dry drunks are people who no longer drink but carry all the anger in the world on their shoulders and allow it run their lives, ruin them and keep acting as if they were drunk. Once you quit drinking you come to realize all the damage you’ve done, not only to yourself but also to your loved ones.

Quitting drinking is not enough. If you want to lead a reasonably happy sober life at peace with yourself you have to get rid of those defects that made you drink. If you were overly shy, you have to somehow address your shyness. If it was anger or hurt you carried with you, you have to address them, face the demons and try to change.

If you don’t change after quitting drinking or address what lead you to drink, you are as good as drunk. And at some point you will either grab that drink again or some other destructive addiction to cover how awful you feel.

You can run from people but you can’t run from yourself. Wherever you go, there you are.

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