What does “too old” really mean?

by aarmono

What does “too old” really mean? by aarmono

Am I too old? This depends on what you not only want to do but also the will that’s in it to do it. If you have the stamina, you are too old for few things, unless your health gets in the way and your mind too.

We often stop doing things because we feel we are too old to do them. But this is  often buzz killer and an excuse. It all depends on what we are talking about and how much you care what people think.

We are an age, only a number, and if we are healthy enough, we can run that ultra marathon if we please if set realistic goals for ourselves.

We are only as old as our health issues. This is the only thing that should prevent us from doing those things we believe are best kept for the young.

I often forget how old I am when most of my peers are ten years younger. I don’t seem to find age as an impediment to run, hike or enjoy those things that “ only youth” should be engaging in.

I know there will be a time when I will have to slow down and be more careful. If I were to fall at my age the recovery could take longer, but I won’t let that fear stop me. I just have to be a bit more cautious.

Forget the “I’m too old for that,” enjoy your health while you can and this in itself will improve it and allow you to enjoy life even more.

It’s never too late and we are never too old. Let’s compare less and live more.

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