Finding your very own hero.

by varmarohit

                    Finding your very own hero by varmarohit

We all need guidance and someone to look up to. A roll-model that paves the way and teaches us something we don’t know that might push us on. We do that since childhood. Our parents are our first heroes, and from then on we keep looking for those inspiring people who we’ll try to imitate.

The only problem with heroes is that having been placed by us on pedestals they will eventually let us down. But if we try to see them as human too, and know deep down that they too err, they won’t fail us but become ever stronger before our eyes.

We all have to find our very own roll-models since we are all different, and have different expectations, hopes and dreams.

I like heroes that have fallen, who have gotten up, dusted off and kept going. Those people who are not afraid to show their weaknesses, and are genuine. My heroes could be anyone who is so honest and humble that I can relate to in some way.

My father, after all these years is still my hero. He is so human, humble and errs just like everyone else.

Who is your hero?

3 thoughts on “Finding your very own hero.

  1. Eileen Chi

    Beautifully put. My hero, after all these years, is still my mom.

    I’ve actually gone through a period of life where I put her so high on a pedestal that couldn’t believe she could fail, or be imperfect in her own ways. That belief led to a lot of issues with myself. It wasn’t until I realized what I’d done and pushed her off the pedestal that I found the ability to love myself and love her even more. I find it more her stronger and more admirable because she’s an imperfect human who keeps trying.

    1. Laura Carbonell

      I guess that it takes time to figure out that our parents don’t always have the answers, as we don’t either when we grow up. I feel you and understand you completely. We are perfectly imperfect and very lovable too because of that.
      Thank you so much for your comment which only enhances the post…

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